Legume CHOICE Tool Expert Meeting, 13-15 Jan, Nairobi, Kenya

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Legume CHOICE Tool Expert Meeting, 13-15 Jan 2015, Nairobi, Kenya

Meeting Objectives

  • Brainstorm needs for a legume CHOICE tool
  • Brainstorm on key elements of a legume CHOICE tool including:

Clustering of legume types Clustering of legume functions Factors that influence how legume types fit particular niches within smallholder farming systems Other factors that might influence legume adoption Methods for scoring such factors within particular communities/contexts

  • Develop prototype tool based on above brainstorming
  • Develop intervention options (or at least a framework for what they might look like) to inform field interventions for 2015

Possible outputs

  1. agreement on the problem/challenge and the application of a potential tool
  2. agreement on legume types and their functions/uses
  3. draft Farmer-Centred Diagnosis instrument - that captures farm and system level constraints to uptake of legumes = that aids understanding of local context
  4. draft of a ‘scoring’ system (of the legume types and their functions /uses fitted to the local system/context)
  5. draft of critical adoptability 'filters' that together with the legume scores could guide intervention packages
  6. Understanding of prototype intervention packages
  7. Have something to take away to test

The Tool produced during the workshop

Workshop Program

Day 1 - Brainstorming on Legume CHOICE tool elements

Time Activity Responsible
08:45 Welcome and Introductions Peter Ballantyne
09:15 Brief overview of Legume CHOICE project Generose Nziguheba

09:35 Early ideas on the Legume CHOICE tool Alan Duncan
10:00 Other similar approaches - FEAST/Techfit Ben Lukuyu

10:15 Other similar approaches - Socio-ecological niches for forages in DRC Birthe Paul

10:30 Coffee
11:00 Highlights from focus group discussions and of current intervention packages in each country
- Kenya Irene Okeyo and Maurice Shiluli

- DRC Isaac Balume and Jean Walangululu

- Ethiopia Tamene Temesgen and Tadesse Berhanu

12:30 Lunch
13:30 Legume 101 - an overview of legume types and their functions in African smallholder systems Ingrid

File:Legume types and functions in African smallholder systems.pdf
13:45 Group work (World Cafe) Peter Ballantyne
- Clustering of legume types Ingrid
- Clustering of legume functions Generose
- Clustering of legume attributes Birthe
- Key factors influencing legume adoption Kindu
15:00 Coffee
15:30 Reporting back and plenary discussion on the shape of the tool plus planning for Day 2
17:00 Close

Exercise: what we want the tool to do

  • guide us in narrowing down interventions to meet constraints
  • standardize and create common understanding of legumes
  • demonstrate roles of legumes
  • improve livelihoods of small farmers
  • incorporate preferences and farmer views on legumes
  • better choice of legumes to fit niches in farming systems
  • assist in selecting interventions to test
  • help identify interventions that farmers would not otherwise think of - stimulate thinking
  • provide knowledge on different interventions and components
  • user friendly
  • inform intervention strategies for legumes through broad systems thinking
  • systematic understanding of options and their system beneifts
  • participatory evaluation
  • out of the box, innovative
  • quantitative and qualitative data for reports
  • identify major challenges
  • provide shortlist of legume interventions and links for further information and seed supplies

Day 2 - Developing a prototype tool

Time Activity Responsible
09:00 Overnight thoughts Peter Ballantyne
09:15 Briefing on Day 2 task - developing a prototype Legume CHOICE tool
09:30 Group work
10:30 Coffee
10:45 Group work continues
12:00 Cross-group consolidation/validation Peter Ballantyne
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Group work continues
15:00 Coffee
15:30 Reporting back on what the prototype tool looks like
16:30 Plenary discussion
17:00 Close

Day 3 - Working on intervention options

Time Activity Responsible
09:00 Overnight thoughts Peter Ballantyne
09:15 Briefing on Day 3 task - coming up with intervention packages
09:30 In country groups - apply principles of prototype Legume CHOICE tool to come up with some early ideas on legume interventions
10:30 Coffee
10:45 Group work continues
11:30 Cross-group consolidation/validation
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Group work continues
14:30 Final ideas for interventions presented
15:30 Coffee and close

Testing the Tool - Exercise materials

Form groups around country sites (select 1 site) Roleplay a FCD exercise to identify and score ‘near future’:

  • Priority legume needs by function (score each function 0-4, with 0 unimportant and 4 top)
  • Context constraints (score each 0-4, with 0 not an issue and 4 a severe constraint/limitation)
  • Critical legume adoption enabling interventions (prioritized listing)

Capture the data on xls files provided ( find them here)

Produce a powerpoint ‘report’:


File:Legume CHOICE prototype-excercise Ethiopia.xls

File:DRC exercise_report.ppt

File:DRC Legume CHOICE prototype.xls



Next Steps

Whole tool Aim to have version 1 ready: Sep 2015 Aim to have prototype for testing in countries and projects: Apr 2015 (alan, ingrid, generose) - this process can also include testing by partners: CIAT, ARISING ET, ARISING TZ, HT R4D platforms, N2Uganda, N2DRC

Community legume needs assessment instrument Tidy and complete: Mid February (alan and ingrid with peter E and Tadesse)

FCD instrument Core team led by Ben (alan, isaac, tamane, irene, generose, ingrid) to revise for review: End Feb 2014

Scoring tool Need to complete the legume list - perhaps convene legume experts in the near future to do this.

Score generator files Finalise by September 2015 (Alan)

Tool test exercise Re-run the workshop day 3 exercise with real data: asap; and include outputs into country reports and analysis for Feb 2015 workshop Produce FCD/tool report template: asap (alan)

Workshop evaluation

weak points local transport arrangements short period to develop the tool too much food coffee in the room

strong points dinner with ingrid facilitation the tool interaction moderation including techfit in the tool easy to understand tool enjoyable legume tree walks wild cafe tool testing good people special coffee (from cafe)


Generose Nziguheba (IITA) Ingrid Oborn (ICRAF) Irene Okeyo(ICRAF) Maurice Shiluli (KALRO) Tom Ochinga (ICRAF) Alan Duncan (ILRI) Tamene Temesgen (ILRI) Isaac Balume (IITA) Jean-Marie Sanginga (IITA) Peter Ebanyat (IITA) Endalkachew Woldemeskel (ILRI) Kindu Mekonnen (ILRI) Tadesse Berhanu (OARI) Birthe Paul (CIAT) Ben Lukuyu (ILRI) Peter Ballantyne (ILRI) Prof Jean Walangululu (University of Bukavu) Esther Karanja-Kamau (ICRAF)