Legume CHOICE Tool Development meeting 15-16 Sept 2016, Nairobi, Kenya

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Legume CHOICE tool development meeting 15-16 Sept, Nairobi

Meeting objectives

  • To extend the list of legumes included in the Legume CHOICE tool and to score them for contribution to different functions
  • To develop agro-ecological filter to help to target legumes to agro-ecological niches
  • To plan dissemination strategy for tool


Day 1 Sept 15

Time Topic Notes Responsible
09:00 Welcome and Introductions Alan
09:15 Refresher on Legume CHOICE tool Group work - groups brainstorm to remind themselves of tool components leading to development of 5 minute pitch on what the tool does Alan
10:00 Pitches plus presentation Alan
10:20 Coffee/tea
10:40 Looking ahead to programme Alan
10:45 Literature work on legume functions - presentation Tarirai presents his work on validating legume function scores from literature Tarirai
11:00 Others present evidence collected Other participants present material they have generated through homework exercises - outputs passed to Tarirai All
11:30 Agree on extended list of legume options - new list Review existing list of legume options and discuss which species we need to add - in country groups and then in plenary Ingrid
12:00 Scoring of legume functions Three parallel groups with mixed expertise embark on group work
- assign scores to different functions for agreed list of species - new version of spreadsheet
- extend list of legume options - new list
- agree database structure for Tarirai's literature-based database
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Scoring continued
15:00 Stock take Groups share the results of their scoring and discuss discrepancies Alan
15:30 Tea/coffee
15:45 Scoring continued - final version
16:45 Wrap up discussion Generose
17:00 End of Day 1

Day 2 - Sept 16

Time Topic Notes Responsible
09:00 Summary of Day 1 Ingrid
09:15 Agro-ecological filter - background Alan presents rationale on agro-ecological filter and recaps progress so far Alan
09:30 Existing tools - SoFT and Lexsys Resource persons summarize existing approaches: SoFT presentation, Lexsys presentation Diriba Geleti, Irene Okeyo
10:15 Coffee/Tea
10:30 Defining the Legume CHOICE agro-ecological filter Divide into 2 groups and develop ideas for the structure of an agro-ecological filter - summary here Generose
12:00 Reporting back
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Consensus and next steps for agro-ecological filter Notes on next steps Alan
14:00 Dissemination strategy - overview Generose
14:15 Group work to devise strategy for further development and use of the tool Notes on dissemination Alan
15:15 tea/coffee
15:30 Reporting back and synthesis of next steps Notes on follow up tasks Alan
16:30 Any other issues Alan
17:00 End

Participant list

Name Affiliation Expertise Confirmed? Location Notes
Endalkachew Wolde Meskel ILRI-N2Africa grain legumes, nitrogen fixation Addis
Tamene Temesgen ILRI grain legumes Addis
Irene Okeyo ICRAF tree legumes Nairobi
Tarirai Muoni ILRI legume agronomy Nairobi
Diriba Geleti EIAR forages Addis
Ingrid Oborn ICRAF/SLU legume agronomy, systems Bogor Costs covered from other sources
Alan Duncan ILRI livestock feeding, systems y UK
Andrew Barnes SRUC farmer behaviour UK Flights covered from other sources
Peter Thorne ILRI-Africa RISING systems intensification, tool development UK
Maurice Shaluli KALRO legume agronomy Kisumu, Kenya
Tadesse Birhanu OARI grain legumes Addis
Jean Walangulu Catholic University of Bukavu grain legumes Bukavu, DRC
Peter Ebanyat IITA-N2Africa grain legumes Kampala
Generose Nziguheba IITA agronomy Nairobi
Mulu London IITA agronomy Bukavu
Jonathan Mariuki ICRAF tree legumes Nairobi

Skills needed among participants

Biology of legumes:

grain legumes - Endalkachew Wolde Meskel, Tamene Temesgen, tree legumes - Irene Okeyo forage legumes - Diriba Geleti, Solomon Mengistu, Jean Hanson cover legumes

Legume agronomy - Christine Watson (SRUC), Ingrid

Livestock feeding - Alan Duncan

Human nutrition - someone from Bioversity?

Adoption/farmer behaviour - Andrew Barnes

Tool development/systems - Peter Thorne