Legume CHOICE Technical Meeting 15-16 June 2015

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Legume CHOICE Technical Meeting

June 15-16, 2015

ICIPE Campus Nairobi

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Meeting objectives for Day 1 - review of Legume CHOICE tool

  • To review experiences in applying prototype Legume CHOICE tool in each country
  • To share preliminary findings from application of the tool
  • To identify what needs to change to improve the tool
  • To brainstorm on intervention strategies for each country based on data collected using the tool


Kenya: Ingrid, Maurice, Irene, Mary

DRC: Isaac, Prof Walangululu, Generose

Ethiopia: Alan, Tamene, Tadesse

Meeting programme

Time Topic Person responsible
Day 1 June 15
08:30 Reminder of what the tool looks like Alan
09:00 Country presentations of results from recent testing of Legume CHOICE Tool
3 x 15 minute presentations plus a few minutes for clarification questions

Each country team to nominate
10:15 Tea/coffee
10:45 Country teams identify key challenges in applying the tool - list on flip chart (come to meeting with some ideas) Country teams
11:15 Peer assist on challenges of applying the tool - leads to suggestions for improvement Alan
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Interventions strategies and niches

15:00 Tea/coffee
15:30 Country teams reflect on findings from applying tool and develop candidate interventions
with justification - list on flipchart (consolidated summary below for each country) - using this template
Country team
17:00 Close
Day 2 June 16
8:30 Countries present on candidate interventions, followed by refinement based on comments/discussions Country team
11:30 Countries present progress on identifying interventions:

Country team
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Next steps from discussions so far - see below Ingrid
13:45 Output 1 : baseline and farm characterization reports - discussion on progress (see below for notes)
17:30 Close

Next steps from Day 1 and morning of Day 2 (Output 2 and 3)

  1. Generose to update data collection template for crop performance by 19th June
  2. Country teams to finalize interventions - need to be checked for agro-ecological fit - for each site we need a one-pager describing the intervention logic - by June 30, Ethiopia intervention logic
  3. Generose to finalize general guidelines for testing of interventions - by June 30
  4. Country teams to develop 1-page simple management sheet for each intervention to be passed to farmers along with inputs - by 31 July.

Paper structure - group work on Day 2 afternoon (Output 1)

Tentative title - or at least key words Overall aim e.g. role of legumes in smallholder systems Hypotheses - 2-3 per paper Research questions to guide which tables and figures we need e.g. what legumes are grown, area etc. Think about how to use the typologies - sketch out structure of a few tables and figures. What type of statistical analysis do we need for the suggested research questions.

2 groups - one on baseline and one on farm characterization

#Discussion on papers


  • Need to analyse data withing countries and develop country reports
  • May need to rethink definition of typology since, for example, in Ethiopia, input level does not follow other indicators. May need to think about some kind of PCA analysis.
  • Need to refine title, hypotheses and research questions for each paper. Need to identify a lead author for each paper.
  • Maurice to take lead on Baseline paper. This will mean pushing the process forward.
  • Ethiopian team to lead on the Farm Characterization survey paper.
  • Need to think about a writeshop linked to next project meeting in Bukavu in early 2016. Between now and then we could think about some skype meetings in Quarter 4 of 2015.
  • Need to merge country-level data to create a global file with an additional data field for "country" and possibly "near or far from market". Irene to take responsibility to manage this.